What to expect when the chapter ends
Yume Tsuki
Chapter 3 will soon come to a close. Heres a list of things to expect when the chapter ends.

- As usual the chapter ends with a few intermission pages. Yes you heard it right pageS. This intermission was a bit longer than the previous ones.

- The cover and chapter title for the next chapter will be revealed.

- Asks will once again open up so if you have any questions for any of the cast, now's the time to get them ready. (As usual no NSFW related stuff)

- With chapter 3 ending Wanted! will go back to updating only on Friday. However, before the next chapter starts there will be a daily content dump: The Nuzlocke Magazine will release. My contribution for it will be posted as extras on the webcomic page. If you want to read all of it right away keep an eye out for the link. I will include it in the Extras page posts as soon as i get my hands on them.

by Yume Tsuki